And how you can use them to improve your marketing at a much faster rate.

“Most marketers create ‘good enough’ content and then quit”- Seth Godin

Marketing well does NOT come easy.

I don’t think most people realize this, but great marketing is a skill that requires both talent and a lot, and I mean a lot, of hard work to achieve.

Fall short of that, and you end up with average campaigns, uninspired content and borderline results.

And marketing gets even more challenging for people who have not studied it prior to landing their first marketing-centric job.

I’m one of these people.

I was miserable as a junior marketer.

A little about myself: I’m originally a Communications student, and I’m currently…

And why empathetic marketing is so crucial to connecting with your customers.

Steve Blues Clues
Source: Entertainment Weekly.

This article is about something that’s a little closer to heart for many, me included.

It’s not about some fancy marketing campaign or quirky big-brand advertisement — heck, I dare say it doesn’t even have a real marketing objective or goal tied to it.

But I can say this: it’s perhaps one of the most genuine content pieces that the Internet has seen in a while, and I’d go so far to say that it carries some teachable moments as well.

What is it about then?

Well, by now, I am sure you’ve seen, or at least heard of the…

A fresh marketing approach in an otherwise conventional industry.

93.2% of all young boys have watched porn before they turn 18.

Let that sink in.

And the girls aren’t that far off. According to The Recovery Village, 62.1% of young women have exposed themselves to online sex videos at least once.

That’s 2 out of 3 of them — definitely not a number to be proud of. Yowzah.

I can go on quoting crazier pornography statistics revolving around the youth, but you get the idea: early porn exposure is a real thing. And it’s more widespread than you can imagine.

In fact, in just the United States alone, it’s…

Does the end justify the means in charitable marketing?

In my years as a full-time marketer, I’ve come across some wild, crazy-sounding campaigns.

And I mean Crazy. With a capital C. Coincidentally, the C can stand for cuckoo too.

I’ve seen Ikea create a physical ad that can double up as a fully-functioning pregnancy test kit. Yes — you can actually pee on the ad to see if you’ve got one in the oven.

The fast-food giant steps up to the plate to educate its drivers better.

Eating while driving? Sure, who hasn’t been guilty of doing that?

I know I have. Plenty of times at that.

Trying to fight that irresistible urge to fill your empty mouth with a delicious morsel while keeping your eyes on the road — it’s a battle I almost always lose.

And it’s not just to satiate that physical hunger aspect, one can even go so far as to argue that there is a psychological benefit to it too — almost like how chewing gum helps certain people to focus better at work.

Where brand power is used to create positive change.

We all have a story to tell: each and every one of us.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, or how you grew up: the fact that every one of us is so incredibly unique makes our personal narrative just that bit different from one another.

And we should always try our best to share our stories with the world. Why so?

It’s because stories have the unbelievable ability to connect with people, and more importantly, they can inspire people to do great, great things.

I’m sure you’ve watched a handful of moving Ted Talks, or even listened to…


Purposeful product usage at its best.

When you think of online file storage, you can hardly get excited about it.

That’s the hard truth. Storage is simply just that — files and documents getting put into places and folders in an organized fashion (or in my case, usually just dumped sloppily). Oops.

It’s something that we usually associate with disinterest, dullness, and even tediousness to a certain extent. It’s just boring to even think about.

Unless you’re a tech whiz, of course, in which I guess certain types of storage (such as the amount of it) can get you excited in specific circumstances.

Or if you’re…

Its latest ad cleverly plays on nostalgia to drive its message home.

Can you imagine your life without McDonald’s?

Okay, that sounds like a really weird(and almost privileged) question to ask, but seriously, try to envision that alternate reality.

Personally, I can’t do it. I’ve been practically raised on McDonald’s ever since I was introduced to my first-ever Happy Meal when I was just five years old.

That all-too-familiar (one would even say comforting) taste of a Chicken McNugget/Big Mac is just something that can’t be replaced. And I’m sure that millions of customers around the world can share that same sentiment.


Rebranding the problem to your advantage.

Junk Sleep campaign
Source: Junk Sleep.

There is really only one thing that everyone likes that is actually good for them: a good night’s sleep.

There’s just one snag: we’re not getting enough of it.

According to Sleep Foundation, at least 35% of all Americans sleep an average of less than the stipulated staple of seven hours a night. That’s one in three people — goodness!

Worst still, more than half of these people reportedly feel tired or sleepy at least three to seven days of an entire week, claiming that it even affects them greatly in their daily lives.

Good timing is everything

For the longest time, we’ve been hearing the same tagline from Subway: Eat Fresh!

Since its inception in 1965, it’s what the brand wants us to associate with when consuming their footlong subs: only the freshest and the healthiest ingredients are used to make them.

And it works! After all, we can’t help but cave into the enticing idea that we can eat fast food that’s at the same time, good for our bodies too. The customization factor is the cherry on top.


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